Mutant demo program

Petter Stensvold on his UPT Mutant harness

The first freefly-friendly supine harness

The Mutant is a Micron on steroids. Developed to get the advantages of a supine sitting position while maintaining the freefly-friendly elements of a skydiving rig. For the last ten years, the Mutant have evolved into a tool that gives the pilot insane advantages in performance. It's a true canopy flight powerhouse that meets the needs of jumpers who enjoy freeflying as much as swooping, in one dynamic container. It's not for everyone, but a small group of jumpers will find this revolutionary. 

Who's it for?

"The canopy flight and sight picture of the Mutant in flight-mode will be a new experience in control and agility. Pilots will require extra awareness during their initial jumps as they transition to flight-mode and adjust accordingly. The Mutant is not for every jumper. The adjusted emergency procedures and added performance envelope demand experience and training. 


The Mutant is suitable for a relatively small pool of potential users, as to safely fly a Mutant (and to be permitted to use a Mutant) one must either be an experienced paraglider/speed flier, an advanced canopy pilot, or both. The Mutant can also be used by a physically impaired experienced canopy pilot who is seeking a modified landing position"


-United Parachute Technologies

Skyvoss Mutant rental

Located at the beautiful west coast of Norway, Skydive Voss is the perfect place to either start your journey, or continue your Mutant training.


Skyvoss AS has demo rigs available for rental in size v307 and v319. The harnesses are adjustable, so together with your instructor, these will be adjusted to your fit. Both rigs are equipped with OP126. We have Jyro Kraken 119 and a Jyro JFX 84 selectable as a main, but we recommend bringing your own as well. 


Note: Before you can book a rental rig, you need to have a plan with - and be approved by our local Flight-1 Mutant Ambassador.


First time?

To be able to start your training on the Mutant, you must meet certain minimum requirements and be approved by UPT. Please fill out the following form to begin your journey.

Your instructor

Petter Stensvold, Flight 1 Mutant Ambassador

Petter Stensvold

Petter is our local Flight-1 Mutant Ambassador. He can help you get started, whenever it's for training while waiting on your own, or if it's your very first jump on the harness. Please contact him in order to make a plan. He will guide you through the process and help you achieve a lot of fun:)

Get in touch with Petter

Booking your rental rig

As soon as everything is settled with Petter, you can book you rental rig through our website. Please write a reference in the checkout section when booking.

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