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The Fairwind XPS is the result of the cooperation with the Féderation Française de Parachutisme, involving Parasport Italia since 2014 to develop a specific standard for skydiving helmets.

After 4 years of development of prototypes, lab tests, changes to the parameters, the study group has verified the Fairwind prototypes and finalized the specifications, named XP S72-600. Even if this is a specific standard for France, it is destined to become soon a European standard, as it's the first designed specifically for parachuting and indoor flying.

The Fairwind XPS is conform to these new specifications, and to the updated regulations for Personal Protection Equipment, the CEPPE EU 2016/425, delivering a product with a high quality standard at an affordable price.

What do all these numbers and codes mean? The specifications related to Personal Protection Equipment (PPE's) and parachuting/indoor flying helmets contain a lot of technical details, but shortly and easily, the specifications set standards related to the safety of user of these products. The rules involve:

  • quality of the materials used (like the use of non-toxic raw materials)
  • quality of the manufacturing
  • minimum protection requirements (like impact forces)
  • stability
  • lines entanglement prevention
  • release of the chinstrap under tension with one hand


So when you buy the Fairwind XPS, you get quality and performance that have been tested and certified!

The Fairwind XPS had a key role in developing and testing the specific requirements, and it is conform to all the project goals. The design includes an EPS layer for impact protection. This layer includes ventilation channels, so even in hot weather the Fairwind XPS can be worn for longer time. Nicely designed grids avoid objects entering the ventilation channels. The hypoallergenic liner can be easily removed to be cleaned, or replaced when worn-out. It is also used to set one of the available sizes. The top part of the liner can be placed rotated, keeping ventilation holes open or closed, according to the air temperature. Ear pads are shaped to accommodate audibles from the inside, without interfering with the comfort of the helmet. A comfortable chinguard gives extra comfort when the chinstrap is attached. The quick release buckle can be easily open with one hand even under tension.

While all skydivers might like it, it will be highly appreciated by skydiving schools and wind tunnels operators, as it will offer a higher level of quality, protection, and comfort to their customers.



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