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Icarus Tandem

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The Icarus Tandem is the wing that launched the brand. It’s been our cornerstone; evolving with the times to remain the perfect Tandem design. It’s about reliability, durability, and long-lasting craftsmanship. This wing meets the demands of all tandem pilots, giving total serenity in flight without losing the feeling of freedom. She’s for those, like you, who are not contented only with flying, but look to share the pleasure of flying. With unparalleled investment value, a low malfunction rate and flight characteristics instructors love, the Icarus Tandem is the toughest, friendliest and safest tool for your commercial tandem operation.

The original Icarus was the first zero porosity tandem released to the market. Today’s Icarus Tandem stems from those strong roots: proven construction, now with newer, better fabrics, an elliptical shape and options found nowhere else in the industry.

With tough ZP construction the Icarus Tandem will retain it’s as-new performance for thousands of jumps. Your tandem instructors won’t be avoiding older rigs any more – but the packers might be avoiding the new ones at first!

The Icarus Tandem has passed the test of time. It’s strong, tough, loved by tandem instructors and has a low malfunction rate. She’s a beauty.

This is the tandem canopy for dropzones who demand only the best for their passengers, instructors, and themselves.





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